What can CCTV offer?

We often hear on television about how CCTV cameras recorded another offense, but we do not often think about the real possibilities of such systems.
Indeed, video surveillance is already an absolute norm, and nobody looks at a video camera with a particular thrill or some kind of fear. We are increasingly hearing about “smart cities” stuffed with CCTV cameras, but for many people, the CCTV system remains an obscure means of protection.
Let’s take a look at what the modern CCTV systems can offer us and whether they are really effective as we represent them.
What is a CCTV system and which component is it composed of?
In most cases, the CCTV system is one or more video cameras, a recording device and a monitor. Depending on the type of system and its magnitude, there may be various additional devices, namely barriers or turnstiles. Also, the system includes cables for connecting cameras to the DVR and other peripheral devices such as power supplies, and more.
What is the difference between a system and which one is better?
To date, there are two types of video surveillance systems – digital and analog. The most advanced and technological ones are, of course, digital systems. They have a more powerful functionality and also work at very high resolution. But the point is that analog systems can boast of their advantages. Analogue systems are much cheaper than digital. The resolution of today’s analog video surveillance cameras is at least 8 megapixels, and that’s pretty serious. With such cameras you can see the person’s face or, again, number plates more than ten meters away.
Where is the market for video surveillance systems moving and what can a user amaze about?
Now it’s hard to surprise someone. Speaking about development, now the direction of video analytics is rapidly developing – it’s recognition of individuals and state cars. There are solutions based on just one camera for keeping records of all cars that entered the territory. In this case, the camera “understands” not only the car number, but also its brand. In addition, the camera may send a signal to control the barrier or other actuator in the form of a license plate placed in a special “white” list on the camcorder.
Which video surveillance system can be recommended to ordinary users to install at home?
Everyone has their own idea of ​​the tasks that a video surveillance system must do. Some prefer IP cameras to stream video stream to the Internet, and someone needs to control the entire perimeter of the site. In this case, you can install an analogue system with high resolution. In any case, the selection of equipment, as well as installation, is better to entrust to professionals.