Varieties of security systems

All currently existing security systems designed to protect apartments and private homes, as well as to ensure the security of offices and production facilities, are divided into three types:
• Systems that respond to movement. Operation of this type of signaling is based on the placement of special sensors in the room, which operate when detecting motion. If they fix it, when the owners do not have a home, they immediately send the signal to the remote control. It should be noted that sensors do not react to the movement of pets, so this kind of security system may well be used in the house where the dog or cat is located.
• Systems based on pressure switches. They operate according to the following principle: when an attacker attempts to penetrate a room through the door, the system, using the pressure key located at the front door, transmits the signal to the remote control. According to the statistics of legal violations, the majority of unauthorized penetration is carried out through the door, and the operation of such security systems occurs precisely when opening the door.
• Systems equipped with camcorders. When using this kind of security systems indoors, video cameras and sound recorders are installed that fulfill the role of the eyes and ears of the hosts when they are absent. Such systems allow to record videos of all actions of intruders until the arrival of law enforcement officers after receiving them an alarm signal.