Technology of sprinkler fire extinguishing system

Man always strives to improve the level of his life, and therefore the scientific progress has affected all its sides – from medicine to technology and economy. Of course, they could not ignore such an important aspect of life as security, the preservation of property, health and human life during a fire.

Now it’s impossible to imagine that a large area of ​​fire was attempted to localize and extinguish with a conventional fire extinguisher, these times have long been in the past. And since it’s not always the fire brigade can arrive on time in a timely manner, you have to look for different ways to immediately eliminate the fireplace, even in the absence of people on the site.

The first fire extinguishing systems are mentioned in the writings of the ancient Greek scientist Archimedes. These were systems based on the principle of lifting water, as the most affordable means of extinguishing fires, these were devices like pumps. And from the end of the 19th century there were so-called sprinklers.

Modern automatic fire extinguishing system is a sprinkler system. It is a system of steel or plastic pipelines, where there is a fire extinguishing system under pressure. An important part of the sprinkler fire extinguishing system are nozzles, whose surface is responsive to temperature rise.

When there is a fire, the nozzle melts and the extinguishing composition, which is under pressure, is released and covers a fire cell. And most importantly, this equipment works, even if there are no people in the room. The water movement is automatically fixed and the regular staff gets information about the system’s operation. In addition, a fire signal is transmitted to the fire alarm system to enable notification systems to be activated and evacuation measures have been taken.

Modern sprinkler fire extinguishing systems have a high inertia of extinguishing fires. They are small in size, while maintaining high pressure and high service life. They can be mounted in the wall or in the ceiling, as well as in various building constructions.

Water fire extinguishing is most often used to protect large areas of high altitude. For the price of water, fire extinguishing is unmatched and does not require any special costs in the next 10 years, which is not to say, for example, about a powder fire extinguishing system, where after 5 years it is necessary to replace all powder modules.