Systems of the fire warning

Fire alarm system – a complex of technical means for the early detection of fire in the protected object or territory. When integrated into a complex with security systems and engineering building systems (central heating, ventilation, air conditioning), fire fighter system transmits information to warning systems, to fire extinguisher system and smoke removal system.

The fire alarm system includes:

  1.  Central computer software for centralized control of fire alarm system;
  2.  Fire alarm control panels for data collection and processing;
  3.  Fire alarms detectors.

There are two major types of fire alarm:

Analog (unaddressed) fire alarm system has a radial structure of branch stubs. Fire fighter cabels are situated in different directions from the control panel and cover a separate zone. One loop include up to 30 sensors, when one of them  at one of them actuates, the control panel displays the number of the loop that is connected to the actuated fire detector. Thus, unaddressed fire alarm system allows you to fix the fire in a certain area, but you can not define particular room.

Addressed fire alarm system differs in principle of accepting the signal about fire. On the alarm control panel is transmitted the value of the controlled detector which constantly monitors the environment condition in all rooms of the building and cotrol the changes in these parameters. And on the basis of these data takes a decision as to give a “Fire”, as also signal “Warning”. That is addressed fire alarm system is built on the decision about alarm not  of separate fire alarm sensors but alarm control equipment based on the dynamics of changes of detectors data.

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