Smoke removal, heat ventilation and air pressure systems

Smoke removal, heat ventilation and air pressure systems is a complex of technical means aimed to protect people from smoke during evacuation. The system removes smoke from the protected premises and / or by preventing its spread along the evacuation routes.

Smoke removal systems are divided into two types: mechanical and gravitational.

Mechanical smoke removal and heat ventilation systems consist of forced smoke removal from rooms and air pressure system by creating excess air pressure to prevent the spread of smoke along engineers premises (elevator shafts, stairwells, air locks).

There are three types of switching on the systems:
1. Automatic (the system switches automatically when fire detector informs “Fire”).
2. Remote (the system is switched from a fire post or from a guard post by person on duty).
3. Local (the system switches on the point of fire origin from the buttons located in fire cock cabinets or from the buttons located near evacuation routes).

Gravitational smoke removal is natural smoke ventilation system which carries out through feature skylights with smoke removal function. They provide additional natural light and in case of fire, opens automatically, protect the room from the smoke and excessive increase in temperature, thus create the conditions for evacuation and rescue work.
Smoke removal function is performed with the control system, which operates with the pneumatic or electric actuator which opens the skylight dome. Selection of the actuator depends on the requirements, standards, nature of the object, financial possibilities.

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