How to behave at a fire in a shopping and entertainment center

Most of us regularly find themselves in shopping malls, cinemas, polyclinics, hotels and other public places. Once again, we must remind all of us of the need to remember the most basic rules of conduct in the fire in the largest building.

What to remember when visiting public places !!!
The law states that in every public building with a large number of visitors must necessarily be:
not less than two exits in different parts of the building;
light indicators “EXIT” in green, indicating the direction to the nearest exit;
printed on a paper and placed on a prominent place a scheme for evacuation of people in the event of an emergency situation, marked outs and stairs.
As a result of the flash in the room instantly formed dullness, significantly impairs the visibility. Moreover, according to the instructions during the fire the building is subject to discharging. The main lighting will be switched off, leaving only an emergency.
Therefore, when visiting large shopping and entertainment centers need to try to remember in which direction is the exit. This will help to orientate and choose the right direction of movement when the first signs of danger, screams of fire, alarm signaling will appear. If the exit location can not be recalled, the above-mentioned green lights “EXIT” lights, evacuation plans on the walls, and pointers in the form of running with arrows will come in handy. They indicate the direction of the movement in an emergency situation.

What to do in a fire !?
In the first place, we recommend not to panic and try to act calmly and deliberately.
It is necessary to move in the direction of the nearest exit and inter-stairs, leading him. It is strictly forbidden to use elevators to prevent them from being locked. Lifts at any time may be excluded.
In conditions of poor visibility it is easier to move, adhere to the walls, railing, handrails. Most of the combustion products tend to climb upwards, so it is best to move in the smoke, leaning towards the cleanest air as low as possible.
Breathe in the conditions of smoke better through a damp cloth, which will act as a kind of filter. It will help reduce the amount of combustion products that enter the respiratory system. If it has nothing to drench, use a cloth dry. A scarf, a sleeve, a gender, a collar or other element of clothing that passes through the air of matter may come in handy.
Having detected burning ahead or a sharp increase in temperature, you should change the route of the movement.
When tanning clothes do not start running – it will accelerate its burning. We must get rid of the object of clothing as soon as possible.
If you can not get to the exit, you need to find the least smoky room that can serve as a haven for help from firefighters or rescuers. In this case, it is necessary in all possible ways to give signals about their location: to waving a window scarf, light a phone or a flashlight. This will help professionals quickly detect and evacuate you.
Experts advise to jump from the windows only in the extreme case, if the height does not exceed the third floor. At the same time, you should first try to catch your hands at your fingertips as low as possible to reduce the distance between your legs and the ground.
While in a room with breathable air, it is not necessary without the need to open the windows. Through them air traction can be formed, which will attract smoke into the premises much faster.
Once in a safe place, emergency services should be notified of the fire. For the same reason, you can use the fire alarm button when it is in the visibility area. When you leave the house, try to provide possible assistance to the victim.