Fire safety rules during the New Year holidays!

New Year holidays are the time of mass mornings, evenings of rest. And only strict adherence to the rules of fire safety during the organization and holding of festive events will help to avoid injuries, injuries, and also to meet the New Year more safely.

New Year holidays take place on many objects (mainly schools, kindergartens), considering that all objects belong to the category of objects with a massive stay of people and in view of the large accumulation of people in the objects in the period of the New Year’s holidays is responsible for ensuring fire safety during cultural events (evenings, performances, Christmas trees, etc.) it is necessary to take all responsibility with regard to the issues of providing a reliable fire protection for places of festivities for odiv.

Responsible for providing fire safety during cultural events (evenings, performances, Christmas trees, etc.) are the heads of institutions.

Before the New Year’s events, the head of the institution must carefully check all the premises, evacuation routes and exits to comply with their fire safety requirements, as well as to ensure the availability and proper condition of fire-fighting, communication and fire automatics. All identified flaws should be eliminated before the beginning of the cultural event.

During the New Year’s activities, there should be alternating on the stage and in the rooms of the responsible persons from among the employees of the institution, members of voluntary fire brigades.

In the course of a cultural event with children should be inadvertently be another teacher, class leaders or educators. These persons should be instructed about fire safety measures and order of evacuation of children in the event of a fire and must ensure strict compliance with fire safety requirements during a cultural event.

Floors and premises where New Year events are held must have at least two dispersed evacuation exits. Allowed to use only premises located not above the 2nd floor in buildings with flammable overlays.

Evacuation exits from the premises should be marked with light signs with the words “Exit” white on a green background, connected to the network of emergency or evacuation lighting of the building. In the presence of people in the premises light indicators should be in the included state.