Fire alarm notification system and evacuation of people

Fire alarm notification system and evacuation of people is a set of technical meaning aimed to give the warning signal though all territory of guarded object, according to the designed evacuation plans. When it is necessary the signal can be sequential or selective in separate parts of the building (sections, floors, separate rooms, bays of the building etc.)

According to the automatic levels the system is divided into 2 types:

  1. Automatic – switches on automatically when at least two fire sensors work out in the automatic fire alarm system.
  2. Automate – switches on by stuff on duty after signal from fire alarm system.

According to the functioning buildings norms, notification system must have the following functions:

  • to send audio and/or light signal in the buildings with permanent or temporarily human being.
  • to transfer audio messages which inform about the need to the leave the room, inform about the evacuation ways and other necessary actions which provide the safety of people during evacuation.

The evacuation must be managed with the following process:

  • to switch on the indicator lights and evacuation lightning which shows the evacuation route.
  • to transfer the specific texts through the notification system, which have to prevent panic, crowds of people in the passages and other negative consequences, which can complicate the quick people evacuation.
  • to transfer the texts about the routes for quick evacuation.

The fire alarm notification systems are divided into 5 types:

Note: « + » means obligatory; « » means no need; « * » means recommended

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