Dispatching (central control board) between fire protection systems and automatization of fire protection systems provides control, signaling and control under work of systems. The central control board is installed at the objects where the system of fire warning and evacuation control of the 4th is the 5th types, also in public buildings with the height over than 47 meters.

Central control board of FPS (Fire Protection System) provides:
1. Remote control and monitoring of all the necessary functions of fire protection systems and equipment, which is not included in FPS, but is connected with providing the safety  of the people in case of fire.
2. Registration of all the situations which take place within the fire protection systems.
3. Separate access to the software systems, at least on three levels: (staff on duty, support staff, system administrator).

The structure of the central control board unit of FPS includes:
– Automatic working place for staff on duty
– A server for processing of information streams
– Software
– Network equipmented for information collection and transmission (fire alarm)

Dispatching can combine into one system the complex of fire protection systems (fire alarm, fire fighting, smoke removal system, air pressure system, notification) and engineering systems of the building.

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