Anxiety Button – What is it and for what it needs?

An alarm button represents a hidden third-party key that is required for instant notification of the danger of unlawful third-party actions. This method has found its effectiveness in stores, pharmacies, banks, offices and other institutions. Anxiety button stands out from the mass of protective methods with the ability to react instantly to danger and does not attract special attention of others.

Why do I need an alarm button?
The very name of the device determines its need. And it consists in the ability to report the dangers of occurring. As soon as the manager, waiter or office worker presses on the device, a signal will immediately be sent to the security guard. An operational team will be able to warn the crime to the scene. The alarm buttons are equipped with a quick response system, which allows the security guard to receive a signal in a few seconds.

Types of anxious buttons
Most often the alarm button is part of the security system of the room. It is located in close proximity of staff to provide the ability to quickly press. By type and complete set of alarm buttons are divided into two main types:

Stationary They can have a different kind of button, lever or block. They are installed stationary at the offices, tables, control centers – at the distance of the elongated hand.
Mobile or mobile alarm buttons can have a very different look. Their main advantage is the ability to move the button freely around the perimeter of the room. This measure simplifies the challenge of security.

Scope of use
At the moment, anxiety button is popular in organizations of the following type:
Financial and administrative premises;
Private companies;
Shops and shopping centers;
Houses and apartments.
Setting an alarm button allows you to control the status of an object within 24 hours. Such a nuance is to ensure the company’s staff and finances. And also will not worry about keeping the property out of business.