10 signs that intruders were interested in your home

10 signs that intruders were interested in your home

Every day in Kiev, under the sight of housewives fall hundreds of apartments. So we picked up 10 signs that you can check if your house was in danger.

1. At the door, called, but nobody behind it. Often, children may be neglected, but if repeated repeatedly, one should be more attentive. In this way, the thieves are checking whether there is anyone in the house or not.

2. Periodically, you are called on the phone and, without waiting for an answer, throw the handset. Or find out where they came from, who lives at this address. It is worth paying special attention if frequent calls from communal or other services (ZhEKi, Vodokanal, Mizhgaz) with a request to inform when the owners are at home under the pretext of carrying out certain works.

3. Your children say they were asked about the apartment, who lives in it, about parents and their work.

4. Unexpectedly the door lock stops working or inserts the key. This may indicate that he was trying to break it.

5. If the door reveals foreign objects or a blinded eye. This may be a match, stick or other trifle. They leave between the door box and the door, and when you open the door – this object falls near it. Thus, the thief sees that you were at home and can record the movements of the hosts.

6. The order to ask you to appear in a certain organization at a certain time. Be sure to call this organization in advance and make sure they left a similar note.

7. If a stranger is often present at the entrance or near the house. If someone has caused suspicion, it will not be superfluous to clarify the person to whom he came and for what purpose. Manifestation of vigilance may frighten the thief.

8. Frequent visits by employees of various organizations, companies with questions or surveys. Particular suspicion should raise the question of the time of your presence at home, the schedule of your work, etc.

9. Your door and castle are carefully examined by someone. This is a fairly obvious sign of unscrupulous people. Be vigilant, find out what a stranger needs in your apartment. Say you call the police.

10. They bring things out of the entrance. On the one hand, this may be due to the movement of neighbors, but it is possible that this is done by intruders. Find out where the things are. Look for the host and make sure that what is happening is legal. The manifestation of negligence in such cases can lead to the fact that your home will be next.