Video surveillance (CCTV)

Video surveillance system (CCTV) enables non-stop monitoring of the protected object, to report about the cases of unauthorized entry and, the most important – provides video record, which can be transmitted to law enforcement official for further actions, as conclusive evidence. Depending on the tasks assigned to surveillance in the total security system, video surveillance can be open or hidden.
Video surveillance is not only one of the most popular methods of security providing, but also technology, which makes the safety and lives of people depends on it. Due to recent achievements in science and technology video surveillance has become more effiective, economic and easy-to-use.

Surveillance System (CCTV) – a hardware-software complex for video surveillance on local and territorial allocated objects. With other security systems, video surveillance helps to achieve the highest level of security, but the CCTV installation itself can solve many problems of the security object.

 The main tasks of video surveillance:

  1. Installion of CCTV provides permanent, day-and-night control  of the situation at the object and transfers the information to the observation post in real time. Thus, CCTV, for example allows the guard post to accept immediate decisions according to the present situation.
  2. CCTV allows to make constant video recording and to save evidences in the case of the investigation of different situations.
  3. CCTV has the fuction of burglar alarm in the case of the using detector cameras or external safety sensors, or to inform the operator of video surveillance abot the alarm.

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