Fire-extinguishing systems

Fire extinguishing system is a set of permanently installed fire-fighting special technical means, which are used for extinguishing fire with the special substance, provides immediate extinguishment of the fire source without human intervention. Automatic fire-extinguishing system consists of tanks filled with the necessary quantity of extinguishing agent, control and monitoring systems, pipe system and nozzle-sprayer.

There are several types of fire extinguishing systems, depending on the used materials:

  1. Gas fire. Gas extinguishing systems is a set of technical stationary means to fight fire with automatically release of gas agent. There are two designed types: centralized and modular. For fire extinguishing used such agents as argon, nitrogen, sulfur, carbon dioxide, inergen and other gases;
  2. Water sprinkler system. Water is the most widely used means of extinguishing fires while burning of different substances and materials. The advantages of water is its cheapness and availability, relatively high specific heat, high latent heat of evaporation, chemical inertness to most substances and materials. Water is used like spray system or with various water dispersed systems;
  3. Foam fire extinguishing system. Foam is the most effective and widely used extinguishing agent with isolation effect. This is a colloidal system of liquid bubbles filled with gas. The surface film of bubbles contains solution in water with various stabilizing additives. Foam divided into air-mechanical and chemical. Currently, air-mechanical foam is used in practice.
  4. Powder fire extinguishing systems is the process of fire fighting with extinguishing powder composition. In some cases, only powder  is only fire extinguishing agent to fight the specific types of fires (e.g. burning alkali metals).
  5. Aerosol fire is the fire-extinguishing system contained the combusting products, rendering the extinguishing effect on the fire.
  6. Combined fire extinguishing systems.

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