Burglar alarm

Burglar alarm is the technical complex, the main task is to prevent unauthorized access to the guarded object. Burglar alarm applies for a house or apartment, and for the office, warehouse or manufacturing premises.

Set of equipment consists of a control  receiving unit, which is the center of processing data received from sensors, sensors themselves, batteries and cables. The principle of operation is very simple. The system activates when the control panel receives a signal from one of the sensors.

It may be:
1. IR sensors or motion sensors react to heat. Analysis of the information obtained through the Fresnel’s lens also allows to distinguish man from the pet using the “heat spot” type and minimize the number of false operations.
2. Acoustic sensors react to loud sounds, often is called “broken glass” sensors. Into the latest models of these sensors is mounted microprocessor that analyzes the sound diagram excluding the possibility of the sensor operation in response to another loud sound.
3. Vibration sensors are effective to use for the protection the safes from breaking in, walls from breachs, as well as respond to breaking windows. This type of sensor is very sensitive, requires filigree settings. This type of sensor is not recommended for use at sites with high background vibration (near subway, railways, expressways and tramways).
4. Magnetic sensor are also called reed switches. The sensor itself consists of two magnets which are placed opposite on the movable and immovable of the window or door. When opened, the contact between the two magnets, the sensor instantly sends a signal to the security central. Reed switches can be placed on windows, doors, gates, signaling their opening or closing.
5. Ultrasonic sensors work on the principle of echolocation. This type of sensor responds to changes in the sound wave. He constantly sends audio signals in space and, if there is to be moved, it will detect it and give a signal to the control panel.
6. Beam sensor designed to cut large areas. The sensor consists of a transmitter and receiver. When crossing the beam connecting them, drawdown occurs. This type of sensor is used primarily for perimeter protection or storage space. In the first case, the sensors are installed along the fence, the second – on the opposite walls of the building.
7. IR sensors with directional diagram of detection. They come in three basic types: blind (vertical or horizontal plane), the veil (hemisphere), corridor (narrow beam).

Further security central performs pre-programmed it functions performed when sensor is triggered.
In addition, the equipment consists of the control panel, which displays the status of the signaling used for its programming and performs setting and disarming. At a minimum set should also include uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and the cable network.

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